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Aces Up! HD Pogo – Enjoy your victory now

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Aces Up! HD Pogo – Enjoy your victory now

For those who would love to play Pogo Aces Up! HD Game, click here on the “Aces Up! HD” to find out more!

Aces Up! HD

Play Pogo Solitaire Jet Set

As a fan of games, you should not miss this game. The Aces Up! HD will never make you upset. Open the game and take command of the skies and Play Pogo Aces Up! HD Game. Why not?

How to play and win Aces Up! HD

Here are some tips that you can refer to if you want to win the game.

The game’s target is discarding other things and helping your aces achieve the top of every column. It is very important:

How to discard it?

Just have a look at the bottom of a column. If you see a card that has a higher value but is at a similar suit with the one you want to remove, let’s remove it.

Aces can be moved to the bottom of any column

Aces can be moved to the bottom of any column

When you see an empty column, just fill it by dragging a card from the bottom of another column.

In case you are unable to clear anything, then use the “draw button” to deliver the cards for each column. Have a look at the number under the draw button whenever you need know to the number of the drawing cards.


Aces can be moved to the bottom of any column, even when there exists no empty column.

An Ace with its plane attached moved to the empty column will become a Flying Ace. The Flying Ace is so interesting and helpful. It can help you to blast any cards you do not want or save those cards for the squadrons.

Do not worry too much when you make some mistakes as you can undo your last move. Sound great, right? Just press the “undo” button. The undo times are not limited. Wow!

To see the suit of the card that is bottommost, you have two ways. The first one is looking at each indicator at the bottom of each column. The second one is looking at the suit flags. I personally prefer the second way as it is a little quicker.

When four aces in four columns are moved to the top and all of the other cards are discarded, you win. Play Pogo Aces Up! HD Game, you can enjoy your victory now. However, if your moves are run out of, then you lose the game. Therefore, you should carefully read the above-mentioned tips unless you want to become a game loser.

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