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Bookworm HD Pogo, play is addicted!

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Bookworm HD Pogo, play is addicted!

Come to Bookworm HD Pogo, immerse yourself into letters, and feed Lex the Bookworm’s appetite! CLICK HERE to get how to master in-game and pocket useful tips!

Play Bookworm HD Pogo

You are a bookworm, and looking for both excitement and an increase in vocabulary in a game; Bookworm HP Pogo is perfect for you!

Play for a more relaxing experience with Classic mode, turn up with Action mode, create longer words with Reward Tiles, and get extra points with Bonus Word in-game! Before jumping into the game, let’s catch how to play Bookworm HD Pogo right up next!

How to play

First of all, link letter tiles into words that are at least three letters. You can link letters diagonally, horizontally, vertically. Then, press on the submit button to feed Lex the word.

You can just drag a path between adjacent letters and keeping the left mouse button at the same time. In case you spell a valid word, it will immediately submit when you let out the button.

Bookworm HD Pogo

Bookworm HD Pogo

Also, it would be best if you keep an eye on burning tiles. If they arrive at the bottom, you will be out of the game. So, they will melt the tiles below and drop down if you do not clear them out quickly enough.

Notably, several letters have little dots next to them to show rarity. The more dots, the more points it is worth when you link this letter into a word.

When you come to the second level, Bonus Word will appear below Lex the Bookworm. If you complete a bonus word, you will get more points. Completing the upcoming bonus words, in turn, will net you bigger bonuses.

Besides,  Reward Tiles also appear suddenly and boost word scores. Mix two or more reward tiles in a word for higher points! If you are a true word pro, you can obtain Diamond and Sapphire Tiles!

If you need more space, just try Active mode! In this mode, you ought to create words fast, as new burning tiles are dropping down continuously, and they will burn through your letter whether you move or not.

Điểm neoFinal thoughts

An exciting game like Bookworm HD Polo, why don’t you try to experience it?

Jump action into the game and enjoy the fun right off the bat!

Link to access this game here:

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