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Cookie Connect Pogo – An Exciting Puzzle Game

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Cookie Connect Pogo – An Exciting Puzzle Game

For those who love the mental game, Cookie Connect Pogo – An Exciting Puzzle Game is one that can not overlook. Let’s check it out!

Play Cookie Connect Pogo

Pogo is a great website with a lot of cool games that you can play for free. Cookie Connect Pogo is a puzzle game that includes many fun animations of the cookies. In the world of Cookie Connect, you are the chef and your mission is to make your customers satisfied. Let’s challenge yourself to take your skill to the new levels, and become a cookie connoisseur! If you want to train your thinking, Cookie Connect Pogo is one of the best choices for you.

How To Play

To Play Pogo Cookie Connect  Game, you need to complete the orders of the customers by connecting at least three identical cookies with a straight line or diagonal. You can receive from one to three stars whenever you pass a level. Try your best to get as many stars as possible because they will help you unlock your way further along the path.

Cookie Connect Pogo

Cookie Connect Pogo

Features of Cookie Connect Pogo

  • Many challenging levels.
  • Inviting friends to play with you or playing alone.
  • Suitable for both children and adults because of intelligible and straightforward gameplay.
  • Power-ups will help you overcome a level quickly.

Tips For You

It would help if you planned out how to connect cookies before. Sometimes clearing out as many cookies as possible in a single move is not the right way. For example, the maximum number of cookies you can connect is 9, but with a group of 7 cookies, you create a special cookie. Why not choosing to clear group 7 of cookies to have power-ups which even help you manifest more cookies?

When you finish a level that has moves remaining, you will earn big bonuses and trigger Rainbow Fever.

Fulfil the orders of The Angry Bear because if you don’t give him at least part of his order each turn, he will add more obstacles to the playfield. One way to clear out the obstacles is to remove cookies that are next to them. Therefore, try to remove at least one of the obstacles in a move if you don’t want the obstacles to replacing all of your cookies.


You should early experience the puzzle game Cookie Connect Pogo. We hope you have a great time when playing this game.

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