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Pogo First Class Solitaire HD – The game also has bonus cards

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Pogo First Class Solitaire HD – The game also has bonus cards

You want to Play Pogo First Class Solitaire HD Game? Let come to First Class Solitaire HD to play card online and entertain anytime anywhere.

Play First Class Solitaire HD POGO

Solitaire is another name of Klondike, the game uses 52 cards in “Tu Lo Kho” card for one person. It has a simple rule and you completely play alone in your free time. The goal of playing Solitaire cards is to fit all the cards in the seven available columns into the given four compartments. The cards in the columns must have lower values from top to bottom. The combination of the card will consist of 13 cards from A to K. Inheriting and promoting the Solitaire game, First Class Solitaire HD with many interesting is being loved by young people.

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You will have great experiences with First Class Solitaire HD in Pogo. The beautiful background is changed in order not to be a boring, clear layout, the cards have a good-looking design. This is your first impression of First Class Solitaire HD.

How to play First Class Solitaire HD

Pogo First Class Solitaire HD

Pogo First Class Solitaire HD

You will start playing with seven-card stacks are available, with the top cards face up. Your task is to click on the cards and move them to stack in alternating colors and descending order. To King cards, you can place them in empty stacks to easily sort the remaining cards.

After completing all the card columns in accordance with the rules, you need to move them to the four foundation piles in the top right, starting with aces.

Use the deck in the top left to draw three cards at a time. And cards can be moved from the draw pile to the table or foundation piles, so long as the move is legal.

When no cards can be moved or being legally arranged, you can use several options:

•  New Game: Use this button if you run out of moves or simply want a fresh start. You’ll see your score for the current game, then jump into a new one.

•  Undo: You can undo your last move, so long as it didn’t reveal a new card.

•  Finish: If you clear an obvious path to victory, this button will light up so you can quickly wrap up your game.


Điểm neoIn addition to normal cards, the game also has bonus cards. When finding one of them, double-click to get a point multiplier for one of your foundation stacks. Each suite has its own bonus card, so keep a lookout and Play Pogo First Class Solitaire HD Game.

Play and win a lot to earn Badges for your progress: Club Pogo Exclusive.

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