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Have Fun With Crazy Cakes 2

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Have Fun With Crazy Cakes 2

Play Crazy Cakes 2 Pogo

Many hungry customers are waiting for you in Crazy cakes 2 so that the Pogo Bistro can not run smoothly without your help! Come and have fun with Crazy cakes 2 now.

What is your mission?

In this game, your customers are hungry knights, wizards, trolls and more. You will play a role as a chef and a server as well to bring many delicious dishes to your customers. There are five kinds of desserts, such as pies, puddings, cupcakes, doughnuts, and cookies in different flavours. Therefore, to satisfy your customers and get the highest money, you need to pay attention not only to their requests but also the time they want the dishes. Make sure you have the right strategy!

On each level, you will have specific goals. Fulfil them to collect stars, get Badges and turn to a new level. In case of having a few stars, you can replay the level to win more.

For beginners

Have Fun With Crazy Cakes 2

Have Fun With Crazy Cakes 2

  • Click the Tutorial button, and the game will give instructions to you.
  • If you want to enjoy the Crazy cakes 2’s sound and music, find the gear icon on the screen that represent the Settings part and fix them.
  • For more help to play the game, click the question mark icon, you will get useful information.

Tricks and tips

Boosts are helpful for you to overcome hard levels and improve your serve. There are five different boosts: Bake Speed Boost, Deluxe Tray, Impatience Reducer, Bonus Power-Ups, Score Boost. Each boost has its function.

  • Bake Speed Boost makes all desserts cook faster than ever.
  • Deluxe Tray adds two more dishes to a tray. It means that Bien-Marie delivers four dishes to your customers at once.
  • Impatience Reducer slows down the time waiting for food of all customers so that customers will be more patient and you will have more time to prepare.
  • Bonus Power-Ups give you three power-ups at random when you start your business.
  • Score Boost makes all dishes cost more points than before.

Customer Boost brings you more hungry customers. That can be Knights, Elves, Dwarfs or any kinds of customers you want. Just go to the Customer Boost and select.

Your customers may pay you tips. When your customers leave, do not forget to get their tips and you will receive free power-ups at the same time.

Điểm neoYou will have other assistance included Quick Bake Potion, Everyflavor Potion, Everyfood Potion, Calming Potion.

  • Quick Bake Potion help you finish cooking in all ovens right away.
  • Everyflavor Potion immediately produces a dish that counts as every flavour.
  • Everyfood Potion immediately produces a dish that counts as every type of food.
  • Calming Potion keeps your customers waiting longer.
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