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Mahjong Escape Pogo – Explore the ancient world

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Mahjong Escape Pogo – Explore the ancient world

Brain games always attract us in their own way. And Mahjong Escape is a game like that. Let’s Play Pogo Mahjong Escape Game.

Play Mahjong Escape Pogo

Referring to Mahjong Escape, people often think of the Chinese Mahjong Game. Because the tiles in Mahjong Escape has the same form and character as the mahjong card. In fact, the way of playing and the game goals between them are different. Mahjong Escape can be known as the same picture search game. You will have to look for the same tiles, pass the levels and explore the ancient world in this time-traveling puzzle-packed mahjong adventure. If you want to experience this type of game, you can come to the Pogo Mahjong Escape Game.

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With Pogo Mahjong Escape Game, you will travel through the lands of different dynasties and empires. Like other online games, Pogo Mahjong Escape Game gives players features that make the game more interesting and stimulating.

How to play

Mahjong Escape Pogo

Mahjong Escape Pogo

On the map, there are yellow and green tiles representing different levels. In which the levels in green tiles often more difficult. You can play in sequence or any level, skip or back to a certain level.

Time and point: Remember that the faster and smarter you do, the higher your score will be. Then, the number of stars worth each level is also more.

Each level has a different form arrangement of the tiles. Tiles include:

• Normal Tiles

•  Flower Tiles and Season Tiles: The four Flowers can be matched with any other Flower tile, and the four Season Tiles can match with any other Season Tile.

• Golden Tiles: Matching Golden Tiles grants a bonus score multiplier for each additional tile you match afterward. Grab these tiles as early as possible to maximize your score.

• Key and Locked Tiles: Pesky locked tiles block access to regular tiles on the board. You must find and match the key tiles to remove them from the board.

ChangeTtiles: Select the Menu Button in the upper right-hand corner of the game, and then select TILE SETS.

Time machine helps you move to new lands or eras. But it doesn’t stick around for long, you need to rescue the time machine by matching all the tiles on top of it.

Pause: You want to take a break while playing? Let pause the level you are playing by selecting the Menu button in the upper right-hand corner. This will pause the timer until you get back.

Điểm neoSupport tools Mahjong Escape

You can pass the levels quickly with tooltips:

•  Hint: Reveals an available tile match.

•  Multi-Hint: Reveals up to 4 available tile matches.

•  Auto-Play: This powerful power-up auto matches up to 5 tiles for you.

•  Shuffle: Use the Shuffle power-up to re-arrange the remaining tiles.

•  Joker: Select a tile using this power-up and all matches of that tile will be removed from the layout, even if they’re buried under multiple tiles.

•  Magnet: Have a tile blocking your way? Use the Magnet to move tiles out of the way, so you can match them later.

•  Time-Freeze: Use the Time-Freeze power-up to stop the clock for 30 seconds.

•  Skip: If you do not want to play any level, you can skip this. But you won’t get any stars for a skipped level. Another way, you can always come back and try again later.

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