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Mahjong Garden HD Pogo – Relaxing and interesting Chinese game

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Mahjong Garden HD Pogo – Relaxing and interesting Chinese game

Play Mahjong Garden HD POGO

Have you ever played Pogo Mahjong Garden HD Game yet? If not, why don’t you read the “Mahjong Garden HD” right now to find out more about it?

Being considered as a relaxing and interesting Chinese game, the game will bring you a memorable experience on a journey in a Chinese garden through different seasons.

Like other games, this game has its own goal. Players need to build the matches so that they can clear all of the tiles from the puzzle. Whenever a tile is not underneath or between the others, players can create the matches.

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Game play

Mahjong Garden HD

Mahjong Garden HD

There exist three kinds of tiles including flower tiles, regular tiles, and season tiles. Specifically:

  • You can match a flower tile with any other flower tile. In case you can make the identical matches, you will earn the bonus points.
  • You can only connect a regular tile with another identical tile.
  • Like flower tiles, a regular tile can be matched with any of the other regular tiles. You can also earn bonus points when you match the identical season tiles. Besides, your garden will change so that it can match the season.

During your journey, try to go through all of the seasons to get the additional bonus points. So how can you earn such points? Very simple, just complete the puzzles quickly. Moreover, you can turn off the timer by going to the Settings Menu. Sounds amazing, right?

Additionally, don’t worry too much if you make mistakes, as you can go back to the previous move by pressing the UNDO button. If necessary, use the HINT button to see a pair of matching tiles, and the SHOW ALL button to reveal all of the tiles that you can match.

Features Mahjong Garden HD

Above are some major details regarding the features of the Pogo Mahjong Garden HD Game. They will help you a lot when you start playing the game. In case you want to learn more about it, please feel free to visit our website provided below.

Also, don’t hesitate to give us feedback if you have any. We would love to get your comments so that we can improve our products better. And one more thing, if you are interested in the game, let’s download and enjoy it right away!

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