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Play SCRABBLE Online

Scrabble Online is a word puzzle game, which can be played online on any device that supports HTML5. This game has the same gameplay as the classic scrabble, but you can play it anytime.

If you have played Scrabble before, you may use to playing Scrabble Online. It has the same gameplay as the 2 people traditional Scrabble game, in which players will play by placing word tiles on the board.

Each word tile will be given with a number, which shows the points that you will get when creating the right words with them. There are some excluded words such as Z and Q, which will give you 10 points.

On the board of Scrabble Online, there will be many starts, which shows the bonus points. If you place words on them, you will get extra points. The new words have to be connected to the available letters.

You can only place letters in horizontal and vertical order, the new letters have to make new words with available letters on the board. If there is a word that is not in the dictionary, you cannot place those letter tiles.

Scrabble match will end when there is no word that can be made or there is no space left on the board. Scrabble Online is great for practicing and improving players’ vocabulary. It can be played online using any web browser supporting HTML5

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