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Pogo Bowl – Get your ball to the desired position

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Pogo Bowl – Get your ball to the desired position

Play Pogo Bowl

Have you ever tried playing Pogo Bowl Game? If not, why don’t you read the “Pogo Bowl” now to find out more details about it?

Many people are crazy about playing bowling, but why don’t they go to the bowling centers regularly? Some are too busy to play. Others don’t have too much money to play a lot. That’s why Pogo Bowl was created. We want to bring you a free online bowling game that you can play anytime, anywhere, and as much as you like!

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How to play

To play Pogo Bowl, you just need to follow these instructions. Move your mouse right or left to start and get your ball to the desired position. When you feel that the ball is in the place you want, click on your ball so that you can set its position. Remember to drag your mouse up to the lane area when you hold the mouse button down. A pointer will be noticed when you do this. Move such a pointer to the desired place, and then release your mouse button.


Pogo Bowl

From the first to the ninth frame, the maximum balls that you can bowl each frame are two. From the tenth frame, the maximum will be three balls. In case you can knock down all of the pins in your first throw, you will get a Strike which is worth 10 points. If you just knock down some or no pins at your first throw, and you knock the remaining down at your second throw, you get a Spare. When you can knock down some pins at the first throw, but unable to knock down the remaining at the second one, you will have a frame called “open”. Such a frame will prevent you from getting high scores.

The maximum score for one game is 300 points. When the game is over, all of the pins knocked down will be converted to Tokens. The ratio is 1:1. if you are on top, you can get more tokens, so you can knock down the bonus pins, or you can even gain the bonus Strike.

To sum up

Điểm neoThere is only one word I can use to describe the Pogo Bowl. That is perfect. Many people and I have tried, how about you? Don’t wait anymore! Download it and experience right away!

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