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Pogo Canasta – Play Pogo Canasta Game

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Pogo Canasta – Play Pogo Canasta Game

Play Canasta POGO

Have you ever been immersed in endless Pogo Canasta games? Pogo Games brings you unprecedented experience with Pogo Canasta. Let’s check it out!

This is one of the oldest developmental card games in the world when it was first introduced to the world in 1939 by two Paraguayan people, Segundo Santos and Alberto Serrato.

The tactics, as well as the ability to support each other, improvising in front of unexpected cards, is the most attractive point of Canasta.

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It has become the inspiration for many online game makers and including Pogo Games. Pogo Canasta is suitable for any player as long as you are confident that with the skill you own, all other players will have to taste defeat.

What are you waiting for in Pogo Canasta?

Play Pogo Canasta Game

Play Pogo Canasta Game

Pogo Canasta still keeps the features that cannot be found in any other game card. Accompanying you will still be 2 decks with 104 normal cards and 4 Jokers. After shuffling, the dealer will give each player 11 cards clockwise. And that is when the game begins.

The rules remain the same when players can still choose the game mode to suit their desires. But in my opinion, this game becomes attractive when you have yourself with your companions. Tactics, teamwork, tricks … is that what you want?

The new feature that Pogo Canasta brings to the players is that you can customize your table with your best-loved Canasta options. That will be your “personal art space”.

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Canasta is referring to the ability to create melds. I recommend you understand the rules of the game as it will be quite difficult for those beginners. Each player/team holds separate melds of different card ranks. A legal meld consists of at least three cards of the same level, regardless of suit. Wild cards can be used as any rank except for three.

  • A meld must consist of at least two natural cards and never have more than three wild cards. For example: 5-5-2 and 9-9-2-2-Joker are legal melds if they do not contain more than the natural or wild card number required by the game.
  • Cards will carry different points and the total score is how the player wins. Cards 4, 5, 6, 7 will be worth 5 points, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K are 10 points, cards 2 and Ace will be 20 points while Joker is 50.
  • If a rank is melded, it must include at least three cards on the table. But the first time you hold a card in hand, their total value must be at least an absolute minimum depending on your score.
  • You can add wildcards to a column of cards with any rank on the table. This wildcard is considered a tag of that rank. Initially, the system will automatically cycle and move the top card of the remaining exercise. In case this card is a wild card or Red Three, the system will automatically rotate until the top card does not appear these cards anymore.
  • After finishing a hand to switch to a new hand, if they contain a red Three, then it will automatically be melded and a supplementary card is dealt for the hand on which it appears.
  • You can freeze the stack by removing the wildcard or the Red Three.
  • Remember a canasta (a set of at least 7 cards) will give you a great score. Try to create yourself at least 1 to 2 canasta every game.


Điểm neoAre you worried it contains too many rules? Go ahead and Play Pogo Canasta Game, they will be what gives you that victory.

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