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Cookie Connect – Play Pogo Cookie Connect Game

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Cookie Connect – Play Pogo Cookie Connect Game

Play Cookie Connect Pogo

If you are interested in playing Pogo Cookie Connect Game, then why don’t you click here on Cookie Connect to find out more about it?

Playing strong games for a while will sometimes make you bored. So why don’t you stop them temporarily and start experiencing Cookie Connect? It is so sweet and exciting than ever!


Unlike some other games, this game is so easy to play. You only need to take these notes. Whenever you see a large group of cookies, match them together so that you can make the power-ups.

These power-ups are very useful as they will help you to clear more cookies. Keep going on until you can clear all the cookies, then you win the first level. Try to complete a level while remaining your moves so that you can get the Rainbow Fever and attractive bonuses.

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Besides, if you see the stars, try to earn them as many as possible because they will be used to unlock your way during your path, especially when you go deeper to the whimsical world.

Play Pogo Cookie Connect Game

Play Pogo Cookie Connect Game

How to play Cookie Connect

Below are some tips and tricks which may be helpful for you.

  1. Whenever you start playing, ensure that you work toward your goal.
  2. Always have the plans for your moves. To me, the perfect strategy is clearing most of the cookies in your single move.
  3. When you see two or more groups of cookies that have similar cookie types and can connect, I suggest you remove the middle group to create a bigger group.
  4. If you connect a group of seven and above cookies, be careful with the direction that points your connecting line, because it will affect the special cookie you create.
  5. In some cases, you might be able to match up to 9 cookies together, but you just want to connect 7 ones. That’s okay. You can use the other 2 for your next move.
  6. Don’t forget to give the Angry Bear parts of his order unless it will add the obstacles to the playfield. In case the obstacles are added, don’t worry too much. Just remove some cookies next to them, and they will be removed.

Điểm neoTo sum up, all of the typical details regarding Cookie Connect are presented above. I hope they are useful to you guys. Don’t hesitate anymore. Download it and enjoy such a wonderful game right away!

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