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Quinn’s Aquarium Game: Back To Basics

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Quinn’s Aquarium Game: Back To Basics

Play Quinn’s Aquarium

Play Pogo Quinn’s Aquarium game now. Help the Quinn Sisters restore their family aquarium in Quinn’s Aquarium. Read on to check it out.

After launching, Pogo has named Quinn’s Aquarium as the Game of the Month with challenges at each level. Once you complete a level, it will bring you closer to happy fishes. Hence, try to finish all the challenges. Now, the game is available for Club Pogo members to play.


About Quinn’s Aquarium Game

Quinn’s Aquarium is launching with a game tileset and one exhibit. Still, Pogo says that they plan to add more game tilesets and content to the game to meet players’ demands. Often, new content releases on the second Tuesday of each month, and a new exhibit appears every three months.

In this story-based Mahjong game, your mission is to fix up an aquarium and open new exhibits to attract new customers in the game. Along the way, you can earn badges. For instance, you will earn an extra badge for completing all the tasks in an exhibit.

In the first game, you will have to match your way through complex mahjong puzzle layouts. Continue rebuilding exhibits to attract in the crowds and create homes for happy fish at the second one. In the third game, the rule of the game is similar to the first one, but you have to match more tiles to win. And the story will continue with new exhibits and levels released regularly.

Quinn's Aquarium Game: Back To Basics

Quinn’s Aquarium Game: Back To Basics

How To Play Pogo Quinn’s Aquarium Game

To play Pogo Quinn’s Aquarium game, you have to open the main menu. Access to different Exhibits and each of them has 180 new levels. Every level has its unique layout with classic Mahjong gameplay. You clear tiles by matching two same tiles.

In Quinn’s Aquarium, there is a Freecell at the bottom of the screen. You can use it to remove matching tiles that are stacked on top of or beside one another. To clear the Freecell, you have to find the matching tile.

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Start a level in Quinn’s Aquarium, you will see two Shell Tiles, and you have to match them as soon as you can. After matching them, you continue to make regular matches. If you collect Shell Tiles, it helps you advance your rank more quickly. There are a total of six sets of Shell Tiles in the game. The more efficiently you match tiles, the more chances you get all six.

When you complete a level, you can gain Progress Tokens. You will collect unique Progress Tokens in each exhibit, and you can use them to restore the exhibit to its pristine state. Restore the exhibit is done through the To-Do List.

Tips and tricks

  • You can match any flower tiles with each other although they look a little different.
  • Any season tiles can be paired with any other season tiles.
  • Ensure that you clear out tall tile stacks.
  • Điểm neoTry power-up combinations to remove large amounts of tiles.

That’s all basic things about Quinn’s Aquarium. If you need help to play Pogo Quinn’s Aquarium game, don’t fret about leaving your comment below. We are willing and have got everything you need right here.

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