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Pogo Solitaire Jet Set – Easy to play, easy to win

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Pogo Solitaire Jet Set – Easy to play, easy to win

With Solitaire Jet Set, the definition of entertainment has been taken to a new level by Pogo Games. Play Pogo Jet Set Solitaire Game now.

Play Pogo Solitaire Jet Set

“Easy to play, easy to win”. That is the biggest advantage of card games in the catastrophic race in the gaming market today. The game card is highly entertaining but besides it requires the player to really think. Pogo Jet Set Solitaire meets all of these factors while giving players the same excitement.


Pogo Jet Set Solitaire is a card game blend along with the journey to discover the treasure. There will be mysterious gems and great powers hidden behind the cards that need to be released, unlocking challenging levels, stars will be a testament to your success. 3 stars are the highest level of stars you can achieve after each game. In addition to eliminating all the cards to complete all levels, Pogo Jet Set Solitaire poses additional challenges called “extra missions” to increase the difficulty of the player.

But the most impressive point of the game also comes from the improved play style of modern. Pogo Games has been very creative when creating beautiful and separate backgrounds so that players don’t get bored. This is different from classic card games. The classics are always opened through the cards.

How to play

Pogo Solitaire Jet Set

Pogo Solitaire Jet Set

Điểm neoTo Play Pogo Jet Set Solitaire Game, cards that have not been detected higher or lower than your Tour Card if you want to remove all cards in the level. Your new Tour Card will be opened when you remove the card from the level.

If you want to get more points, try to make tracks. This is the removal of multiple cards in a row. Besides, the “extra missions” built by the publisher close to the situation of the game can bring you more rewards. Try to complete them all!

Tips and tricks

Increased strength

  • Undo allows you to move back if you make a mistake. It is especially important when you miss a clear match.
  • First Class allows you to change your Tour card to any other card. That is the first-class quest.
  • Jet Wash causes all undetected tags to be blown away.
  • X-Ray allows you to flip cards down and draw course maps when you know all the cards at the level.


  • Booster allows all cards of the higher or lower level of Tour card to be displayed.
  • Tailwind Booster makes streaks more efficient.
  • Upgrade Booster is an interesting feature that helps you easily maintain a trail. You will have up to three chains instead of one. It will end at the end of the 3rd string.


  • Card turbulence will increasingly go to a certain limit. Remember to remove them when the counter returns to 0.
  • Passport before resetting and disclosing any of the stuck cards below must be filled in the Stamp Card.
  • The seat belts require multiple Tour cards to remove the card, so this becomes more difficult. Take the card it is covering on another pass after you remove the seat belt.


The download link of the game will be at the end of the article so you can easily install and experience it. The vivid graphics system, easy to see and impressive gameplay help Pogo Jet Set Solitaire may become the “successful card” of Pogo Games.

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