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Trizzle Pogo – Play Pogo Trizzle Game

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Trizzle Pogo – Play Pogo Trizzle Game

Trizzle a riddle game where you coordinate vivid dolls to win in-game trophies. Play Pogo Trizzle Game and beat your most elevated score for the trophy rack!

Play Pogo Trizzle Game

Doll-Encompassing Fun

Match dolls by size and shading in lines or sections of at least three. Little dolls consolidate to make medium dolls, which join to make huge.

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Level Up!

Continue making matches to win focuses and gain levels. Each new level gains you extra moves.

Line Your Trophy Shelf

Complete MISSIONS to procure select trophies. Missions are programmed – you gain ground just by playing!

Get Powered Up

On the off chance that you need a hand going all the way, BOOSTS can help make new coordinating chances.

How to play Trizzle

Here is step-by-step instruction on how to play this wonder of a game.

  • Draglines or segments all over or left and right to make matches.
  • Match at least three dolls of a similar shading and size. Three little dolls make one medium doll, and three medium dolls make one enormous doll.
  • At the point when three huge dolls are arranged, it makes a Mega Match. Super Matches clear the huge dolls from the board and increment the size of encompassing dolls.
  • Lifts can give you the assist you with expecting to continue onward. You can utilize them to recolor dolls, extend them, or even expel one from the board out and out.
  • Make the most of your moves! On the off chance that you run out, it’s down finished. You can utilize an Extra Life Boost to prop up with an extra 5 moves.

Tips and Tricks

Continue causing matches to expand your score and level to up. Each new level gains you additional moves.

Besides, Be a Mega Matchmaker! Since Mega Matches expand neighboring dolls, you can set up Mega Matches that lead to more Mega Matches.

At the same time, keep your focus in place! Framing Mega Matches close to the center gives you more space to grow up to eight neighboring dolls. On the off chance that you make Mega Matches along the edge, you pass up a whole line or section.

If all else fails, just use a Boost! Lifts can keep you in the game longer, helping you gain those harder trophies.

Trizzle - Play Pogo Trizzle Game

Trizzle – Play Pogo Trizzle Game

The Paint Boost lets you recolor one doll.  The Remove Doll Boost in a split second sends your preferred doll pressing. And last but not least, the Size-Up Boost lets you increment the size of one doll.

Điểm neoDon’t wait. Play Pogo Trizzle Game and reap the fun.

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