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Word Whomp HD – play Pogo Word Whomp HD Game!

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Word Whomp HD – play Pogo Word Whomp HD Game!

Do not miss the “Word Whomp HD” if you are curious about how to play Pogo Word Whomp HD Game! Click and find out right here.

Play Word Whomp HD POGO

Being considered as a challenging game, Word Whomp HD brings players many interesting experiences. Players will try to create as many words as they can with the given letters. More details regarding the game are presented below. Let’s have a look!

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Here are some notes for beginners’ reference

Play Pogo Word Whomp HD Game

Play Pogo Word Whomp HD Game

  1. You will be provided with 6 letters. Your responsibility is spelling as many words as you can. Remember that each word has to consist of at least 3 letters in length, and none of the words are proper names, contractions or abbreviations.
  2. You can use either the letter tiles and words on your screen or your keyboard. Just type any of the given letters to create the new words. If you want to undo a letter, click the button backspace. If you think your word is correct, then click enter to submit it. Just hit the button space in case you want to mix the given letters up.
  3. There is a Nestor that will progress via the bonus carrots on the bottom of your screen when you spell the words. Try to spell all the words so that he can reach his goal.
  4. There will be 3 levels form 1 to 3 for you to choose. If you choose a higher level, then you can get more points. And of course, combining the letters will become harder.
  5. Any words that are not found will be revealed at the end of the game. Just take a look at them, as they may appear again in the future puzzle.
  6. Not all of the words in the game can be found in the English dictionary. That is because the game covers a lot of words from the most common to the least common. Also, pay attention to the singular and plural forms of words.

To sum up, the Word Whomp HD is an interesting and funny game for players, especially for those who love to experience something challenging.

Điểm neoI and lots of other people have tried it, and we all enjoy it. How about you? Don’t think too much! Just Play Pogo Word Whomp HD Game! As it is for free, and you won’t lose anything!

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